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Tractor & Farm Karts > Tractor Implements > Front Loader

TZ02 series

equipped to tractors of 20-28HP
Can be equipped to:FT252,TS254C
Structure: Model TZ02,TZ02A

TZ03 series

equipped to tractors of 30-40HP
Can be equipped to: FT304/FT354/FT404/TS354C/JM204

TZ04 series

equipped with tractors of 40-50HP
Can be equipped with:FT454/FT504
TS354C,Luzhong 404/484
Jinma304/354,Changfa 404,Dongfanghong 404
Basic type A type, C type, D type

TZ05 series

 can be equipped to tractors of FT454/504, CF424, Dongfanghong 404.KM454,TS454,Jinma404/454 etc

TZ06 series

can be equipped to tractors of FT554/ 604/704,JS554,TS554C,CF554 etc

TZ08 series

can be equipped to tractors of FT754/804/824,CF724

4 in 1 loader

1) Multi-function front loader
2) Other options such as grab fork, pallet fork, and standard bucket available, please see following pictures
3) Suitable for Jinma tractor (20-45hp), Foton tractor (20-82hp) and TS/KM tractor: 20-80HP
4) High-efficiency
5) Operator friendly
6) Durable

options of 4 in 1 Front Loader    
pallet fork
grab fork
Grab-cover bucket