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Tractors & Farm Karts > Jinma tractors

Jinma is the most popular Chinese tractors for export now. Jinma two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive wheeled tractors are series tractors which feature large tractive force, low fuel consumption, varied functions, and being easy to operate, wide applications and reliable operations. Applications:They are suitable for dry land, hilly land, vegetable farm, orchard and other farmlands or for gardening use or as a motive power.

Jinma standard tractors are mainly 2-speed PTO ensures the maximum versatility for a wide range of jobs. The PTO output can provide strong power for all your 1 category implements use.


Now our Jinma 20-55HP tractor have passed EPA and OECD test report. (Hot Sales)

Jinma 18-75hp tractor includes an ROPS with a comfortable seat with safety belt as standard features for maximum operator safety and comfort. Cabin is for choice for all Jinma tractors. Optional: New wrapp rounded head light , all in one cluster gauge, suspension seat, turf tires, industrial tires , shuttle shift, synchronized gear are available for your choice.

JM-164/184/204/254 (4WD) JM-180/200/250 (2WD) JM-300/304/350/354 tractor
JM-400/450/500 (2WD) JM404/454/504 (4WD) JM-550/600/650 (2WD)
JM554/604/654 (4WD) JM-700/750/800 (2WD) JM-704/754/804 (4WD)
JM-850/854/900/904 (4WD) JM-1004A/1004B/1254(4WD) EEC approved tractor - New
Brochuers for Jinma Tractors Jinma Tractors200-Jinma Tractors204
Jinma Tractor Brochures Tractor Options JM tractor arround view