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Reversible plate compactor WLP600

Mechanical control system reflects a reliability,economy machine and low maintenance design, compaction depths up to 900MM.
Sewer trenches,general road-building projects,compacting foundations and backfills are all standard jobs for our heavy-duty soil compactors.
1. Forward and reverse,as well as on-spot-compaction
2. Easy-to-reach located controls
3. Large shock mounts reduce vibrationg to the handle
4. Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration upper deck
5. Wear-resistant base plates extend life,open design reduces dirt building
6. Centrally-located lifting bar allows easy transport in and out of trenches
7. Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage
8. Throttle control at handle
9. Adjustable handle with grips
10. Fully sealed battery cover for Electric Starter Type

Electrc Starter
Trolley wheel
Extension plate with weight 12kg each and width 10cm each

Plate Compator WLP600
Model  WLP600-1 WLP600-2
 Operation weight 300kg 300kg 
 Vibration frequency  3750vpm 3750vpm 
 Centrifugal force  38Kn  38Kn
 Compaction depth  90 cm  90cm
 Travel speed  35 cm/s  35 cm/s
 Efficiency  650m²/hr  650m²/hr
 Plate size  760x640mm  760x640mm
 Engine  Honda GX160 Petrol  Kama 178F diesel
 Rated power  6.8kw (9.0HP)  7.5kw(10HP)
 Overall dimension 1780x760x640mm  1780x760x640mm
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