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Compactor plates wlp100
Plate Compator WLP100
Low maintenance design
Less time and less costly to repair

Idea for sand,gravel and mixed soils in narrow trenches and along foundations,walls and abutments.
Built-in wheel for easy transport
Foldable handle for easy transport and stock with dimension 50*40*45CM
*Straight handle is also available
1.Foldable hand for easy transport and stock
2.Open plate provides self cleaning
3.Built-in wheel for easy transport
4.radius base plate for easy access to corners
5.Sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil in
6.Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle

Plate Compator WLP100
 Model  WLP100-1  WLP100-2
 Operation weight  64kg  64kg
 Vibration frequency  5600vpm  5600mm
 Centrifugal force  10.5Kn  10.5Kn
 Compaction depth  20cm  20cm
 Travel speed  40cm/s  40cm/s
 Efficiency  770m²/hr  770m²/hr
 Plate size  460x610mm  460x610mm
 Engine  Honda GX160 Petrol  Chinese petrol engine
 Rated power  4.0kw(5.5HP)  3.2kw(4.2HP)
 Overall dimension  1100x460x660mm  1100x460x660mm
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