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SZC6B is tandem vibratory roller,the machine abopts mecharical travel drive,hydraulic vibration,hydraulic steering,and operate easily,reliable performance and optimal function/worth rario,is applied to mending and maintaining various raoads,and the copaction of highways shoulder,footway,sport ground and garden lawn.

Tandem Vibratory Roller SZC6B
Operating mass
Front module mass 3600kg
Rear module mass 2400kg
Static linear load 288N/cm
Dynamic linear load 192N/cm
Total linear load 672N/cm
Vibration frequency 50Hz
Vibration amplitude 0.5mm
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions(LXWXH) 3460X1480X2730mm
Drum width 1250mm
Drum diameter 950mm
Wheelbase 2479mm
Machine specification
Min.steering radius 6000mm
Min clearance 386mm
First speed 2.5km/h
Second speed 7km/h
Gradeability 20%
Engine model ZN490Q
Type 4-stroke direct injection
Diesel speed 2600r/min
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