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Hydraulic all wheel drive , double amplitude, hydraulic vibration and steering with optimal function/price ratio and reliable performance. Reliable Cummins 6BT5.9 diesel engine for convenient operation and maintenance. Two sets of brake devices, a hand brake and a foot pedal brake, assure the machine's safety and dependability. Spacious and comfortable cab mounted on top quality rubbler damping elements. World advanced technology is adopted for the hydraulic vibration technology, high in reliability, simple and convenient in maintenance, and low in cost.

Single Drum Wheel Drive Vibratory Roller : LTD214H
Model Cummins 6BT5.9
Rated power/rotational speed  110kw
Operating weight (with driver's cab) 14000 kg
Static linear load 340N/cm
Amplitude of vibration 1.8/0.9 mm
Frequency of vibration 30 Hz
Exciting force 290/160 kN
Speed 1 2.0 km/h
Speed 2 4.0 km/h
Speed 3 10.5 km/h
Gradeability 35%
Machine parameters
Turning radius 4700 mm
Steering angle 35°
Swinging angle
Ground clearance 432 mm
Axle base 3160 mm
Machine dimensions
Length×Width×Height 5420×2278×3050 mm
Vibration wheel width 2100 mm
Vibration wheel diameter 1600 mm
Rim thickness of the vibration wheel 24 mm
Refilling capacities
Fuel tank capacity 180 L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 150 L
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