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Single Drum Wheel Drive Vibratory Roller : LSD212H

This model of road roller adopts original CUMMINS QSB5.9 electric control engine, meet the emission regulations of the world. It is fully hydraulic double driving, with the variable frequency and amplitude, articulated turning, so has good driving performance and gradeability. The front drum bears 54% weight of the machine’s weight to enhance the compact performance. There are two range speeds: gear I for compacting, gear II for traveling. The hydraulic traveling brake, non-power parking and emergent brake can be realized immediately and automatically after the engine flameout or the oil-supply cutting. The hydraulic vibrating system can start and stop vibrating quickly. The variable frequency and amplitude is suitable for different materials. The vibrating drum adopts Germany BOMAG technique. The hydraulic turning system can make turning by hand after the engine flameout. The streamlined appearance is convenient for the driver’s view. The nonmetal material engine hood can be opened complete by hand, convenient for the engine maintenance. Three-stage shock absorption makes the driver’s seat more comfortable. It is equipped with an automatic detecting system, which can diagnose any failures at any time.

  • CE approved .
  • Powerful Cummins diesel engine; Optional diesel engine with electronic control.
  • Hydrostatic wheel & drum travel drive operated by a single lever at two range infinitely variable speeds.
  • Adjustable frequency and amplitude vibration device with imported vibrating pump and motor.
  • Parking brake hydraulically mounted in central input of the driving axle with oil-cutoff braking for reliable safety.
  • Circle are glasses cabin with air conditioner(option) and curve engine hood for unique streamline shape appearance.
  • Engine mounted with backward power output and turnover engine hood allow easy access to the main hydraulic components.
  • Weight
    Operating mass 12000kg
    Front axle load 6500 kg
    Rear axle load 5500 kg
    Static linear load 303N/cm
    Frequency 30/36 Hz
    Amplitude 1.8/0.9 mm
    Excited force 290/160 kN
    Traveling speed (1) 0-4.5 km/h
    Traveling speed (2) 0-10 km/h
    Climbing capacity 40 %
      Machine specification
    Steering angle 35 °
    Min. steering radius 7000 mm
    Fuel tank capacity 300 L
      Diesel engine
    Diesel model QSBT5.9
    Diesel power 116 kW
    Rated rotation speed 2200 r/min
      Overall dimensions
    Length×Width×Height 6000X2250X2950mm
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