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Single Drum Wheel Drive Vibratory Roller : LSD210H

LSD210H series roller are hydraulic vibratory rollers. They are suitable for compaction of non-cohesive materials such as gravel,crushed stone,sand-macadam mixture,sandy soil and rock filling etc. on base course,sub-base and embankment fill construction, which are ideal equipment for high-class highway,airport,harbors,dams and large-scale industrial ground.

  • CE approved .
  • Powerful Cummins diesel engine; Optional diesel engine with electronic control.
  • Hydrostatic wheel & drum travel drive operated by a single lever at two range infinitely variable speeds.
  • Adjustable frequency and amplitude vibration device with imported vibrating pump and motor.
  • Parking brake hydraulically mounted in central input of the driving axle with oil-cutoff braking for reliable safety.
  • Circle are glasses cabin with air conditioner(option) and curve engine hood for unique streamline shape appearance.
  • Engine mounted with backward power output and turnover engine hood allow easy access to the main hydraulic components.
  • Weight
    Operating mass 10000kg
    Static linear load 242N/cm
    Vibration amplitude 1.8/0.9mm
    Vibration frequency 30/36HZ
    Exciting force 250/160Kn
    Gradeability 40%
      Overall parameters
    Max. travel speed 10km/h
    Turning radius 6500mm
    Drum width 2100mm
    Wheelbase 3050mm
    Min.ground clearance 472mm
      Diesel engine
    Diesel model 6BT5.9
    Diesel power 110Kw
      Overall dimensions
    Length×Width×Height 6000X2250X2950mm
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