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Characteristics of ISUZU Chassis
Luxury air conditioner and music center inside the cab with built-in bed. The position and height of the seat and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted. New instrument panel with alarming lights of each control system; open view with large windscreen and door.
It is equipped with new ISUZU environmental engine, which can not only provide sufficient output and torque, but also reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission. The exhaust emission has reached up to Euro standard.
Both electric-powered and hand-operated cab tilting mechanisms are to facilitate the check, maintenance and service of the engine and gearbox. 
The sensors can monitor the ground conditions and automatically control the optional bumper of the air suspension system to ensure optimum comfort and stability.
Concrete Mixer : 5262JGB
Items  Unit   Specifications
 Mixing drum Capacity  m3 12.70
Effective mixing capacity  m3 8
Max. drum diameter  mm  φ2280
Feed speed  m3/min  >=3
Discharge speed  m3/min  >=2
Discharging residual rate  % <3
Drum obliquity  °  15
Drum rotating speed  r/min  0~12
 Drive system Hydraulic pump (imported from Germany)     A4VTG90
Reduction box (imported from Italy)     PMP PMB6SP
Hydraulic motor (imprted from Germany)   AA2FM80
Radiator (imported from Germany)   AKG4443.009.00001V1
 Water supply system  Supply mode     Air pressure
 Water tank  L  350
 Chassis  Chassis Model     ISUZU-CXZ51K
 Wheel base  mm  3225+1310
 Max. running speed  km/h  85
 Min. turning diameter  m  ≤16
 Min. ground clearance  mm  255
 Max. Grade ability    30%
 Engine  Engine Model  ISUZU  6WF1 (in-line 6-cylinder direct injection)
 Max. output  kw  287(1800r/min)
 Max. torque  N·M  1863 (1100r/min)
 Displacement  L/100km  ≤28
Environmental standard     Euro II
 Overall dimensions (LxWxH)  mm  8320x2500x3800
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