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ZLJ10 working loader is my production company one of the series leading products, it is my response to user demand companies, in the full study Tung Sing, Xue center, large Liu Tajikistan, Datong and Shanyin, Shuozhou, such as coal mining operations team based environment developed a mine in handling machinery. This reasonable design, pleasing to look at, targets advanced, very suited to the narrow lanes, and short working level, low concentrations of coal mine gas extraction environment short distance coal loading, transport operations, which use three components hydraulic Bianjuqi acceleration good, will be keen for the operation of power shifting gears transmissions simple code, round margin slowdown woman driving the high-performance barriers, trailer chassis making small radius, the entire hydraulic towards freedom flexible vacuum assistance tongs tape brake safety factor high prices mechanism of connecting rod assembly power, Zhipen cold-engine performance good for a large reserve, whole sets of high-intensity metal cover of a solid durable. It has a high reliability, high efficiency, low cost, low noise, flexibility, security features, such as environmental protection, is a modern tunnel operation commensurate with the high quality coal with engineering machinery.

Rated capacity for buckket m3 0.5
Rated Loading kg 1000
Break out force kN 35
Maximum tractive effort kN 30
Tipping load kN 20
Travel speed km/h
Travel speed in forward 1 km/h 0-10
Travel speed in forward 2 km/h 0-25
Travel speed in reverse 1 km/h 0-10
Travel speed in reverse 2 km/h 0-25
Dump height mm 2250
Reach fully raisde mm 800
Dump angle o 45
Reach fully raesed o 47
Raising time for bucket s 5.2
Lowering time for bucket s 3.4
Engine model 495k1-3

Engine rated powerx kW 40.4
Engine rated revolutions per minute r/min 2400
Maxinum articute angle o 35
Maxinum climbing capacity % 60
Minimum turning radius,with bucket in carry position mm 4650
Operating mass kg 4500
Ocerall dimension (L*W*H) mm 4454*1800*2050
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