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The model Z18 wheel is one of the series leading products made in our works that is well received both at home and abroad for its reaso-nable design,beautiful contour,and advanced norms.By adopting of three-ele ment torque converter,fixed-axle type p cwer shifing transmission box,in-bub reduction,double-axle drive.hinged frame,all hydraulic steering,and clamping brake.the loader has such features as:large power reseve,fi-neaccelerating performance,comfortable operation,wide field of‘s muti-function,high-effic ient and flexible engineering machinery.Mor-eover,it can be equipped with many kinds of working attachments such as flat fort,muti-function bucket,and snow plow,so it may be used for loading and unloading,transporting,piling and leveling materials in various kinds of projects,mines,enterprises and city.

Rated capacity for buckket m3 1
Rated Loading kg 1800
Break out force kN 45
Maximum tractive effort kN 38
Tipping load kN 30
Travel speed km/h
Travel speed in forward 1 km/h 0-11
Travel speed in forward 2 km/h 0-27
Travel speed in reverse 1 km/h 0-11
Travel speed in reverse 2 km/h 0-27
Dump height mm 2600(2900)
Reach fully raisde mm 930
Dump angle o 45
Reach fully raesed o 50
Raising time for bucket s 5.2
Lowering time for bucket s 3.4
Engine model 4102
Engine rated powerx kW 50
Engine rated revolutions per minute r/min 2400
Maxinum articute angle o 35
Maxinum climbing capacity % 60
Minimum turning radius,with bucket in carry position mm 4700
Operating mass kg 5700(5800)
Ocerall dimension (L*W*H) mm 5216*1950*2715
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