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1.Assembly Process for your Jinma tractor

The assembly process is supported by the factory manual. Each stage of assembly is estimated at 1~2 hours but your actual time could vary depending on your skill level and tools used. A forklift or overhead lift is helpful but not neccessary. Air tools will also speed the process but hand tools will suffice. You and a friend should anticipate spending a two day weekend assembling and testing your tractor using only basic tools.

1. Remove the steel angle iron crate and plastic from around your tractor, check over components.
2. Lift tractor body and bolt on the front wheels, fill and charge your battery.
3. Attach rear fenders, roll bar and then rear tires.
4. Attach front weight frame and install your battery and cables.
5. Attach hood.
6. Connect all electrical cables.
7. Attach the three point and center arms.
8. Grease all zerks. Check all oils. Add radiator coolant and add diesel to fuel tank.
9. Prime the injector pump, start the engine and check all indicator gauges.
10. Drive and check all functions. Check all fluid levels again and top as necessary.

Your tractor and/or loader combination comes in a steel crate.

Remove the Crate Frame, Protective Plastic and Wheels.

Bolt on the Wheels, Fenders, and Rollbar for a Rolling Chassis.

Install the Hood and Hook up Guages and Battery.

Assemble and Install the Front End Loader.
2. JM/ZL-20/30 Front Loader
 ZL20 Jinma tractor Front Loader :  Specification
 ZL20 Jinma tractor Front Loader :   Installation
3.Tractor Oil standard
Fuel neq wt800
Engine Oil eqv SAE J183:1991
Transmission box oil API: GL-3
  Mobil: Mobil gear 600
  Shell: Omala
  BP: Gear oil EP
4.Part list of Jinma Tractor
Cluster Gauges electrical system drawing Document (Microsoft excel)
Front Axle for hydraulic steering Document (Microsoft excel)
Wiring diagram of the electrical system
Wiring diagram of the electrical system (without tachometer)
Jinma Tractor Movies :    Chipper: 1, 2,
JM OECD: oecd1 , oecd2