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1. What is your service and warranty on the tractors?
We offers our customers technical assistance and a full one year warranty on all products covering all manufacturing defects.  Our manufacturing facilty is completely computerized to provide our customers efficiency, reliability, high quality and timely shipments.

2. Where are the tractors made?
China. Final assembly also can be completed by yourself

3. Where can I get parts for the tractors?
We will help our dealers to build a warehouse of spare parts step by step. Usually, we will supply you some parts freely with your tractors in same container. The price of parts will be very reasonable if your tractors is out of warranty.

4. What is the lifting capacity of the three-point hitch?
20 HP - 810 pounds, 25 HP - 875 pounds, 30 HP - 1100 pounds.

5. What is the hydraulic pressure?
20 HP - 2000 psi, 25 HP - 2000 psi, 30 HP - 2275 psi.
6. What is the hydraulic pressure?
20 HP - 2000 psi, 25 HP - 2000 psi, 30 HP - 2275 psi.
7. What kind of engine do the tractors have?
The engines are made by Jinma, Foton, Yang Dong, Jang Dong and Perkins(Tianjin). The 20 HP,the 25 HP and 30 HP are 3 cylinder diesel, 4-stroke and water cooled.
8. Is the PTO live on all the tractors?
Yes. It also has a two-stage clutch system.
9. Do the tractors have glow plugs?
Yes. They are energized by holding the ignition switch to the H position for 45 seconds. The tractors also have a decompression valve release lever for cold weather starting.
10. Do you ship tractors?
Yes, we can finish the shipping by our shipping company. Just tell me the destination port you prefer to, then our shipping company will quote you an exact price.
11. Will implements from other dealers work on your tractors?
Yes. They must have a 6-spline input shaft and fit a category one 3 point hitch.
12. Can we get product catalogs?
Not at this time, our best catalog is this website.
13. I received my quote, but I do not understand some of the terms you use. What is CIF, FOB , T/T ?
CIF is Cost, Insurance and Freight. FOB means your cost freight on Board, China Port . T/T is abbreviation of Telegraphic /Transfer. Or wire transfer.
14. How many tractors can be hold in a full 20' or 40' container? Can we mix different models and accessories together?
8 tractors, (18-30hp), can be shipped in a 20' container while 16 tractors can be shipped in a 40' container. You may mix different products or models in a single container but we would need to advise you on optimum loading and final capacity of your shipment.
15. Can I order a front loader or backhoe made by other manufacturers to fit with your tractors? How about other accessories such as tiller, plough etc?
Yes, you can, you would be responsible for making sure the loader or backhoe was designed to be mounted on the tractor you select. Our 3 point system and PTO are designed to international standards and will accept all class 1 - 3 point implements.
16. Can I put my brand name on your tractor instead of your Jinma brand name?
Yes. Many dealers sell our tractors with their own brand name. Some have design modifications to meet their unique needs. We welcome OEM orders
17. How can I become a dealer in my area?
If you have the ability to provide service after sales to your customers and have a good sales net work, you may apply for a dealership. Your current experience in tractor sales will be advantage for you. We choose qualified and reliable companies as long term business partners.
18. Can I get an exclusive right for your tractor in some territories?
It depends on which country you are in. We have only 3 countries that have exclusive agents at this time. Normally, our minimum requirement for an exclusive distributorship would require ordering at least 100 (units) such as tractors, from us annually.

19. After payment, how long will it take to get the tractor delivered locally, in USA?
For customers in the USA, normally 45 - 55 days after your payment, you can get the tractor anywhere in the USA. ( 30 days for manufacturing, 15 - 25 days for sea shipment and delivery)

20. How do you pack the tractor? Are they fully assembled? If not, how long will it take to put it together?
Each tractor is packed in a strong iron frame for secure shipping. The wheels, hood, etc are removed for optimum loading in the shipping frame. The first time you assemble one of our tractors, it will take 7-8 hours to complete using the instruction book supplied. When you get familiar with the process, it can be assembled in 2-3 hours.